Have you ever thought that it’s time for a change and that your current phone system is simply not up to the required standards? With an overwhelming selection of systems to pick from, you are not alone in spending large amounts of time carrying out your research. For this reason, I have given a detailed explanation about why you should choose to install Avaya business telephone systems in your office.

To begin with, the Avaya phone system enables your entire team to stay connected at all times, even when employees are out of the office. By allowing your staff to work more flexibly, either from home or other sides of the office, employees aren’t restricted to communicating at certain times of the day. In turn, this will only help your business to improve its level of productivity, where people can work remotely providing that they have access to the appropriate devices, including a smart phone, laptop, tablet, home phone and office phone.

Also, where you have the capability to either track, record or report phone calls, you are able to improve any interactions you may have with a customer. This involves reducing the amount of time spent dealing with any customer complaints, where you are easily able to refer to a recorded message. By recording a message, it will help with any training you may want to conduct and eliminate any confusion should a customer claim to have had a conversation with a member of your staff that never happened.

Avaya phone systems are also scalable and incredibly cost effective as your business grows. Once you have the system in place, you are simply required to build on what you already have by adding additional phones, without the need to replace any technology.

Avaya phone systems offer fantastic value for money. Taking in all that is on offer, from basic telephone capabilities to more sophisticated unified communications; these phone structures offer the best combination of collaboration tools at reduced prices.

At Integra, we have been meeting the voice, data and security needs of our clients for over 20 years. Our team of technicians focus on delivering a transparent, cost effective solution. We understand that your business may be looking for the best possible price. So if you would like to install an Avaya phone system for a small office (or large) to find out what we have to offer, call us today on 0800 254 5254 for a no obligation quote or click here for more information.