An increasing number of people now own multiple mobile devices, tablets and laptops, consequently businesses have seen a rise in the amount of people bringing their own devices to work, and why not, it’s convenient and saves the company money supplying devices for all of their employees.

But, what does this mean for your company’s security? Allowing employee’s and visitors to use their own computing devices on company networks has it’s rewards but the risks to your network security must be taken in to consideration and monitored carefully. Otherwise, the nifty time and money saving BYOD plan can end up costing your company money tending to network security issues.

Of course, by bringing your own device to work you gain flexibility; employees are able to do their work wherever and whenever they want, productively using their time and taking work home if necessary. Linking email accounts with mobile devices to receive emails makes for constant contact with employee’s, enabling them to respond and complete work quickly. Employees are also not limited to using one kind of technology or computer as supplied by the company. Whether it’s Android or IOS, tablet or phone, people are able to decide what suits them and choose how best to efficiently complete their work.

However, with mobile devices comes the risk of being able to bypass security measures put in place to protect the company’s network. Many portable devices do not have the same virus protection as PC’s and can’t be monitored as effectively. Untrustworthy apps and other malware may be on your device without you even knowing it and the moment you are connected to your company’s network, it puts the company’s other computers at risk.

Employee’s are often worried that when using online documentation storage such as the cloud and Dropbox, it might mean that personal and private content is shared unknowingly at work, it creates a real nightmare for IT support departments at so many businesses.

So long as a clear plan is put in place with guidelines as to how employees should use their devices in the work place, problems can be kept to a minimum.

If you require further advice or IT support when it comes to your company’s network, Integra can ensure you and your employee’s work on a secure and safe network that can be monitored and well maintained, with or without incorporating mobile devices. Get in touch today!