Any business owner will tell you that a reliable and fast broadband connection is crucial to the smooth running and steady growth of a company. With the UK government investing over £1 billion in the improvement of the nations broadband, it highlights just how important choosing the right broadband for business is.

It is important to assess what you need as a company from your broadband. Essex based or further afield, Integra consider your company’s requirements, whether you are just starting up or are an existing company looking to upgrade. You may be concerned by the number of people in your business that could potentially be using your broadband connection at any one time, therefore the bigger the business the faster the connectivity must be. Our fast business broadband is suitable for companies with a requirement for high-speed access to servers with multiple users on one site, as well as those regularly using voice, video and VPN. Regardless of if you download more information from one day to the next, our networks average 99.99% availability at all times and any time they don’t, we offer UK based support and are just a phone call away! Free technical support is standard in our packages.

Many businesses are still working on an ADSL connection, which are now vastly outdated and lagging behind faster and more useful connections. Upgrading nowadays won’t mean a huge increase in price either just a large improvement in the quality of connection and download and upload performance. Integra’s fibre broadband offers the fastest available technology. It is a cost effective broadband solution that is far superior to your standard ADSL. For consistent performance even in peak hours, your fast business broadband can be provisioned within 10 working days.

With the largest network reach of any provider, we take the time to understand your company’s broadband needs and take in to consideration future growth and your requirements. We will always ensure we provide the best possible connection to supply your business.

If you need to compare business broadband, Essex based Integra mean you needn’t look any further, contact us today.